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Spray Dryer

Voice Engineers is a Spray Dryer Manufacturers. Spray Drying is a continuous single stage operation, extensively used to convert solutions, suspensions, and slurries into dry powder within a few seconds without any intermediate handling. The Spray Dryer Manufacturers being very rapid, the product temperature does not go up markedly. Thus Spray Dryer is eminently suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

Spray Dryer comprise a large cylindrical chamber, basically vertical in position in which the material is dried into small droplets. These droplets are further fed with hot air which is sufficient for supplying the heat for complete evaporation of liquid. Feed is taken from rotary atomizer or nozzle.atomizer.

Voice Engineers is Designer, Supplier and Spray Dryer Manufacturers

The design description is as follows:-

  • Co-current Type : Feed and hot air come from same side.
  • Counter Current Type : From top side feed is given and hot air comes from the bottom side.
  • Co-counter Type : Here the feed comes from bottom side and hot air flows through top.

The chamber design comprises following features: -

  • High pressure nozzle on tall tower
  • Construction in a bustle type format
  • Provision of Rotary Disc Atomiser

Basic characteristics of our equipment are :-

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Automatic temperature and feed rate control
  • Dustless atmosphere
  • Production of Free flowing product
  • Production of round, uniform and high purity particles.

APPLICATION : Milk, ceramics, dyes, dyes intermediates, pigments, detergents, herbal and other natural products extracts, baby food, herbicides, matto dextrin, silica, yeast, antibiotics, enzymes, etc.